Summer Camp

Old Fort Academy is please to offer the summer camp program to school-aged children. The camps are offered to children that have completed kindergarten through 12 years of age. Our program is designed as an educational experience full of a variety of hands-on activites, fun outings and tasks.



Our program is designed to make the most out of summer vacation. The main emphasis is on fun. Our campers are taught through educational experiences without pressure, lectures or testing. Our campers learn by seeing, doing, touching, smelling, tasting, etc. Each week we assign a topic and devote the entire week to learning as much as we can about that individual topic. We take many wonderful field trips, have many interesting guests, create outstanding works of art and crafts, bust most of all we simply have tons of fun.



May 30th – Fun Week / Orientation
This week we will welcome all new campers to our program, get to know the rules, discipline procedures, etc. This week will be packed full of activities and games to acquaint the campers with the staff and each other.

June 6th – Weird Science
This week is a favorite for the kids. We will do lots of experiments that can be done with household items. We will also be going skating and to the Discovery Science Center.

June 13th – Down on the Farm
This week will be dedicated to farming and why it is important for us. We will be taking trips to two different farms. Grassmere Farm and Lucky Ladd Farms. Campers will get to interact with different farm animals as well as enjoy so good ole country fun.

June 20st – I Miss My Mummy
This week we will be learning about ancient Egypt and mummies. We will be taking a trip to the TN State Museum where the camper will get to see real Egyptian artifacts. We will also be going skating and doing a little mummification of our own.

June 27th – Underground Mysteries
We will be taking our BIG trip this week as we explore Ruby Falls!! We will also be discussing other cave systems and how volcanoes are formed. We will also make a volcano erupt!!

July 4th – Rest & Relaxation
Everyone needs a break every now and then, and this week our campers will be taking a well deserved break. ( We will be learning about yoga and pilates, take a skating trip, and have a picnic in the park. We may also be taking a secret field trip!

July 11th – Our State’s History
This week we will be taking a trip back in time as we visit Traveler’s Rest and the Sam Davis Home. We’ll also learn about the facts that made TN what it is today.

July 18th – Creation Station
Get ready to be creative!!! This week we will go watch a movie, go to an art museum, and create our own dance routines!

July 25th – Camper’s Choice Week
As the Summer winds down and the campers get ready to go back to school, we give them the opportunity to plan this week. Trip options will be skating, putt-putt golf, bowling, etc. We will also give them options for board game days, sports day, or another fun day. We will also have our annual Camp Out in our gym to celebrate the end of a great summer.

*Field Trips Subject to change depending on numbers of campers*


Cost of Summer Camp
The cost of summer camp will be $95.00 dollars per week. This includes all trip admissions, transportation and meals. Our hours of operation are from 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday. Camps begin at 8:00 A.M and breakfast will be served to campers that arrive before 8:00 A.M. only. You will be notified on days that have trips that we leave the center early. Breakfast will not be served on those days. Time of trips are posted on your calendar. Children must be at Center before posted leave times. No provision will be made for late arrivals on trip days.

Registration fee is $35.00 for all children enrolled. This includes a Camp shirt that is required on all trips. For students already enrolled at OFA there is a charge of $10.00 to cover cost of shirt. Shirts are required on all trips for the safety of the child. Additional shirts may be purchased at time of registration if you choose.

Registration fees and one week advance payment deposit is required at registration. Weekly payments are due on Monday each week. No refunds will be made for non attendance.


Discipline is essential during our field trips. Our Policy is as follows:
1st misbehavior – Camper misses next field trip.
2nd misbehavior – Camper misses next weeks trips. Camper may not stay at the center if they miss a trip.
3rd misbehavior – Camper is out of camp for the remainder of the summer.

We are very strict on our behavior policies, in order to go as many places and do as many things as we do strict discipline is required for their safety.